Information Design / 20 Jun 2017
Source Code

This poster is a visual interpretation of the 2011 film Source Code. The overall aesthetic of the poster is minimalistic, which keeps the complex graphics from feeling cluttered or heavy. In order to achieve this, line weights were kept light and the use of colour was limited.

The main diagram on this poster consists of circular rings with three colours. Each of these rings’ diameter represents the length of time each time loop is in real time. The diameters are to scale of the time, one inch of diameter represents one minute of real time. The colours that are shown on the rings show when secondary characters are present in the film. The time of their appearances is represented with the diameter of the coloured areas along the x-axis. The characters’ presence being represented in these loops provides insights of when incidents reoccur throughout the different loops.

The second diagram along the bottom represents each of the loops along the overall length of the film in real time. The diameters represent of time again, however, they are not to literal scale in this application. The three different colours used on these loops represent the three acts of the film. The small blue dots located on the loops in this second graph represent when the bomb is detonated.