UX/UI / 16 Aug 2017
Enjoy Some Music

This redesign of the Apple Music mobile app focuses on increasing the efficiency of usability. Through extensive user testing, I establish what features were most important to subscribers of the service and how they like to use them. I also explored how users hold or grip their phones while using the app to establish what features should be reachable with the least amount of strain.

One of the main features of this app redesign was to enable more customization with page layouts and option placements. The circular grid layout featured on many of the pages enables the buttons to be easily identified and for them to be reordered.

Beyond the usability features, the redesign includes a change in the aesthetics. Clearer identification of clickable links and buttons was a major issue that came up during research and user testing, which is why more colour has been added. The gradient that is used to highlight elements is pulled from the app’s icon for iOS 10 and follows current trends in UX/UI.