UX/UI / 10 Jun 2022
Learn About Pet Health

A healthier pet is a happier pet.

NHV Natural Pet Products manufactures and sells herbal supplements for pets. They differentiate themselves from competitors by offering advice from experts and personalized customer support. Their blog is a resource for customers, potential customers, industry professionals, and customer service staff. Users are able to find information and inspiring stories about a vast array of pet health topics.

Through user testing and feedback from the stakeholders, the final design incorporated visual elements and styles from the retail site to create a responsive platform with flexible navigation for the various user groups.

The homepage is customizable for the staff to feature content in line with the marketing campaigns and popular topics. Clear categories aid in filtering and finding content.

Article pages use visual hierarchy and text styles to make the content scannable. Featured products direct users to learn more about products and make purchases. Live chat was integrated into the articles to lead users to personalized support.

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