Branding / 16 Apr 2017
Night Vision

This is a hypothetical project for Night Vision Music, which is an electronic music production company. Started in 2013, Night Vision has expanded from throwing unique, underground parties to launching a clothing line, a music production school, and a record label. Above all, the collective aims to foster an inclusive, welcoming community that is committed to pushing its artists at both local and international stages.

This branding provides a visual translation of the experience that Night Vision creates through their events and products. The logo and wordmark are geometric with sharp edges to enforce the mechanical nature of electronic music. Night Vision has an attraction to triangles, which is why they are integrated into the logo and wordmark.

The colours for the branding were selected as they are colours commonly used for lighting at Night Vision’s shows. The gradients and shadows are used to reinforce the relation to the lights and the aesthetic experience at Night Vision’s events.