Branding / 16 Apr 2017

THRD is a company that two of my classmates and I started in October 2016. We focus on handcrafting and designing minimalistic jewelry and clothing. It began with us making items we wanted to wear ourselves. People began to notice the pieces we were wearing and started requesting custom pieces for themselves. Since then, we have expanded to a full jewelry collection with an online store, and freelance design services.

The three of us each have our own fields of focus in design, and since mine is identity and branding, it was my task to establish THRD’s visual identity. Our target demographic is people like us, fashion-conscious minimalists. We wanted a bold and minimalistic aesthetic that would reflect the values of our pieces and compliment their design.

I chose to use pictographic icons of each of us in order to add a bit of personality to a fairly ambiguous aesthetic. The people icons are used on our business cards, which gives customers the ability to put the ‘face’ to the name. It has proven to be memorable and become a great conversation starter.

This branding has been applied in many ways including, our website, business cards, packaging, advertising, and promotional pieces.